Aug. 25, 2020 150

There are a number of ways in which people can end up with wounds that require care in
order to heal. They may be post traumatic wounds, after a fall, an accident or burns, post- surgical
wounds or in cases of bed ridden, elderly or chronically ill patients, bed sores, pressure ulcers.
Wounds need to be treated with care and attention, as many deep or severe wounds may require
regular dressing changes and added medications. The types of wound dressings may also differ
based on the type of wound the patient is suffering from

Wound healing itself is a complex and fragile process and is very vulnerable to infections
that may lead to delayed healing and further complications. Patients are often discharged from
hospitals with dressings after immediate treatment is given and they are expected to visit hospitals
and clinics to get the dressings changed repeatedly by properly trained care givers, nurses or doctors.
However, with wound care facilities provided at home, patients can avoid long waiting times at
hospitals at the same time reducing the chances of getting a super-added infection, while being
exposed to the hospital environment. Care givers and family members who need to accompany
patients to their dressing changes, are also relieved as they do not require to transport the patient for
a fairly minor procedure.

Wound care at home is a boon for care givers looking after patients with bedsores or
chronic non healing ulcers as it provides a cost-effective service, supervised by trained professionals
in the comfort of their homes, without compromising on the patient’s outcome. Effective wound
healing techniques hastens the patients’ over all recovery, as they have choice and control over their
care. In addition to this, wound care at home also helps to provide comfort to the patients,
decreasing times spent on dressing changes while at the same time, facilitating faster recovery rates
and preventing complications, while saving resources otherwise spent on hospital admissions.

At IndMed Homecare, we provide comprehensive wound care facilities to ensure that
patients are provided the best care, right in the comfort of their own homes. For patients suffering
from painful wounds, transportation to and from hospitals or clinics can be a nightmare. Our skilled
attendants and nurses’ practice evidence-based protocols, specific to each type of wound, with
recommendations for support surfaces to support healing and prevent complications. They are also
well trained in monitoring early signs of complications and know how to prevent future wounds
from forming, especially in the case of chronically ill or bed ridden patients suffering from bed
sores. They communicate frequently with treating doctors and care givers or family members
regarding the patient’s progress as well as alternative treatment options for wounds that show
delayed healing.

Our healthcare services at home, is an easy way of providing the best care to loved ones,
saving our patients both time and money, while avoiding hospital or clinic visits. Our effective
operations and comprehensive menu of healthcare services ensures that you have access to a trained
and skilled network of health professionals, who will care for your loved ones with compassions and