Aug. 25, 2020 163

Our country has a growing geriatric population and they require gentle care and attention. In this day and age there are many elderly people who are living by themselves or whose family members are working and may not have the time to look into their daily needs. They are at a vulnerable age, where they are very dependent on constant, reliable care.

It is but natural to want to stay at home, amongst familiar surroundings as you get older, living in the same neighborhoods and homes filled with memories. As circumstances change, many families struggle with the idea of living in an old age home, a nursing home or assisted living facility. However, a concept that is gaining popularity now is having healthcare services delivered to you right at your doorstep.

Geriatric Homecare services can include various aspects of support and attention. Personal care or custodial care with Home health aides can provide services that range from a few hours a day to around-the-clock attention. They can help with the daily tasks, such as dressing, bathing, laundry or meal preparation, shopping. They can also help to transport elderly to and from doctors’ appointments and serve as companions for them if they have to leave their homes

Health related services: Healthcare services can be provided by sending trained nurses at home who can assist with various tasks like blood pressure readings, monitoring of vital signs or giving medicines on time. Some may require specialised treatments with physiotherapists or occupational therapists, to make help keep them physically active. In addition, elderly individuals can take advantage of having doctors visit them at home, for health check-ups and follow up visits , without worrying about the time, money and energy spent in going to a hospital or a clinic to get a doctor’s opinion. To augment this service, laboratory investigations if required can also be facilitated at home, by sending a phlebotomist to the home and getting blood collected for routine or special tests and having the reports directly sent home or through email to the referring doctor or care giver. Medication prescriptions can be delivered home as well and personalised nutrition plans specified to the individuals ailments can also be provided, by sending a dietician to the home. All in all, elderly patients can receive holistic healthcare services at home.

Here at IndMed Homecare , we take great pride in providing our geriatric patients with compassionate and reliable care. Our clients have appreciated our all in one portal that includes all types of services available in one convenient place. We have a comprehensive network of care providers to suit all individual needs , including attendants, nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and dieticians as well as reputed laboratories and pharmacies. Our services are cost effective and transparent and help our clients and their care givers rest easy knowing that their loved ones are being taken care of. We aim at making our operations as smooth and hassle - free as possible so that anyone can access to the right care, right at home.